Effective Discovery Meetings

Course Description Financial service professionals operate in a complex, fast-moving world of markets and products and ever-changing regulations. In addition, they provide their services to individuals and organizations with unique objectives and concerns. An outstanding financial services professional will therefore not only be good at structuring portfolios, etc., but will be more effective [...]

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Knowledge Sharing Skills

Course Description The provision of health care continues to become more and more complicated -- both due to advances in medicine and technology, and the internal regulations and compliance requirements that health care professionals face. No one health care professional can master everything, and certainly cannot do so independent of his or her [...]

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Knowledge Sharing Skills

Course Description The legal profession continues to become more and more complicated -- and that much more so with every new law passed or regulation promulgated. The law has simply become too complicated to be mastered by any one professional, and certainly too complicated to be mastered by any one professional independently of [...]

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Adaptive Problem Solving

Every organization is faced with challenges. And successful organizations not only meet those challenges, but embrace them. To do so, requires not only the right attitude, but the right set of tools to effectively problem solve. In our Adaptive Problem Solving workshops and training, we stretch participants to develop new thought processes and skills to [...]

Collaborative Culture

Course Description Workplaces that thrive today are collaborative. Every employee has something to offer and is a potential source of new, profitable ideas. But that’s not every workplace by a long-shot. Collaborative Culture workshops are designed to take your business team through experiences to understand and develop the tools and techniques that will [...]

Communication in Teams

Most work product in businesses and organizations comes from multiple individuals’ contributions. The quality of that work product, and the experience in its creation, is therefore necessarily impacted by the quality of communications among team members. In our Communication in Teams workshops, we focus on group dynamics, valuing all voices and building upon each team [...]

Cross Disciplinary Thinking

Course Description Many organizations have individuals or teams that focus on matters quite separately from those in other departments or areas of emphasis. Consequently, the learning, perspective and knowledge within one part of the organization is isolated from other parts of the organization — leading to potential missed opportunities for improvement or innovation. [...]

Intergenerational Communication

Course Description Today’s workplace is filled with more varied generational backgrounds, expectations and communication styles than ever before. While differences can be great strengths, they can also be a source of stress and disconnect if not approached properly. Our workshops on intergenerational communication explore what your team’s particular experience has been and provide [...]

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