Full Course Catalog

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School Course Number Course Name Category
ACCT 310 Effective Client Meetings Accounting
ACCT 325 Knowledge Sharing Skills Accounting
ADV 310 Effective Client Meetings Advertising, Marketing
ADV 325 Listening to the Market Advertising, Marketing
BUS 201 Consultative Sales Sales
BUS 210 Deeper Listening Sales, Management
BUS 300 Customer Service Culture Organizational Development
BUS 310 Effective Discovery Meetings Sales
CHAR 210 Donor Communication and Cultivation Charitable Organizations
CHAR 320 Mission Centered Culture Charitable Organizations
COM 101 Professional Presentations & Communication General Application
COM 102 Communication in Teams General Application
COM 103 Break Free of Your Comfort Zone General Application
COM 201 Intergenerational Communication General Application
COM 202 Giving and Receiving Feedback General Application
COM 210 Deeper Listening General Application
DIV 201 Teaching and Preaching Skills Churches and Ministries
DIV 310 Fostering Healthy Church Staff Culture Churches and Ministries
DIV 401 Focusing on Spiritual Gifts in the Church General Application
ENG 210 Communication for Engineers Engineering
ENG 310 Cross Disciplinary Thinking Engineering
FIN 210 Deeper Listening Financial Services
FIN 310 Effective Discovery Meetings Financial Services
INO 201 Adaptive Problem Solving General Application
INO 202 Inventive Thinking General Application
LAW 310 Effective Client Meetings Legal Services
LAW 325 Knowledge Sharing Skills Legal Services
LEAD 201 Fostering Talent in Others General Application
LEAD 202 Managing Change General Application
MED 320 Improving Patient Communication Health Care
MED 325 Knowledge Sharing Skills Health Care
ORG 201 Collaborative Culture General Application
ORG 202 Cross-Disciplinary Thinking General Application

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