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Below you can browse our course list by various categories of focus that we offer. We also offer customized courses, and have a lot of flexibility on the type of training that we can do. So if you don't see something that fits for your particular needs, just ask!


Organizations must succeed together. Certainly individual contributions can be extremely valuable — but the most successful and enjoyable organizations to be a part of are really good at working together. Early on our Collaborative Culture workshops got rave reviews and became a foundation for much of the work we do — and are some of our favorites to facilitate, because we know they work! Plus integrating the improv principles directed toward working well together in teams translate very nicely to even the most corporate setting.


A baseline of good improv is good communication — and not surprisingly, we have been doing communications related workshops for many years. The Fish Sticks University communication workshops extrapolate from techniques and exercise for greater and deeper listening to build communication skills more generally.


Whether in business, in education, in a church or charitable organization, you need to innovate — because a stagnant organization loses pace with the changing world around it. In order to innovate, however, you need to be adaptable and open to change. But these aren’t natural skills for most people. Yet we all have the capacity to think differently and to contribute and grow the organizations we are in — we just need a way to unlock the potential that’s already there. Fish Sticks University workshops teach and uncover this potential, and increase the confidence to implement it.


Leadership will always be a priority in highly functioning businesses and organizations. Consequently, it is a crowded field for learning and development in this area. Our workshops on leadership stand out from the crowd in part because we recognize that there are aspects of leadership that need to correspond with good “follower-ship.” By focusing on both aspects of leadership, we encourage leaders to not only lead well but equip them to do so with greater sensitivity and understanding of those that they lead — because ultimately a leader will be measured on the productivity and success or his or her team.

Organizational Development

Many Fish Sticks University courses can be categorized as promoting organizational development generally. We coach teams. We equip teams. We unify teams. And we encourage teams to work better and more effectively together in just about everything we do.

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What you're probably looking for are what we at FSU can do for you and your organization. You'll find that we have organized our site's menu to give you access to a full course list that you can also sort by category. Also, we have split out some thoughts that might be more specific to a particular industry -- so there are industry focused pages as well. If, however, you would like to discuss how our training offerings might fit for you, please contact us at or by phone at (888) 485-8124.

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