As serious as we are about training, we are just as serious about making people laugh.  The mission of Fish Sticks is to bring people closer to each other and to their organizations and communities — which is one of the reasons we developed Fish Sticks University.  But as you might have guessed, we got our start performing — something we’ve done coast-to-coast.  And if you’re looking more for a night of comedy after an intense conference or series of meetings, Fish Sticks Comedy has got you covered.  You can send us an e-mail or visit our website for more details.

Most shows are 45 – 75 minutes straight through or 90 minutes with an intermission.  We love doing “in-house” shows for businesses and trade association, because we have the opportunity to lean in to what your experience is and make that come alive in a positive way on stage.  Be sure to ask us about how we use “inside information.”

Lastly, we have additional formats and services we can offer — we have a game show format that can be tailored to an industry or business, we can emcee the snot out of just about any event, and we can even help your church or charitable organizations put on more productive fundraisers.

Fish Sticks University represents the workshop programming of Fish Sticks Comedy.  While not every member of Fish Sticks serves as a facilitator, the same guiding principles of serving our hosts and audiences above ourselves is a common denominator for everything we do on stage or in the classroom.

How to Navigate This Site

What you're probably looking for are what we at FSU can do for you and your organization. You'll find that we have organized our site's menu to give you access to a full course list that you can also sort by category. Also, we have split out some thoughts that might be more specific to a particular industry -- so there are industry focused pages as well. If, however, you would like to discuss how our training offerings might fit for you, please contact us at info@fishstickscomedy.com or by phone at (888) 485-8124.

No We’re Not a Real University

Fish Sticks University is how we at Fish Sticks Comedy have organized our training programs. As this part of our work has continued to grow, we wanted to be more thoughtful on how we present our unique workshops and training offerings. If you would like to visit our entertainment based site, you can go to www.fishstickscomedy.com