Fish Sticks University excels in options offered across all levels of education. Instructors have facilitated workshops for elementary, middle, high school and graduate level students; for teachers and administrators, plus other support professionals. With professionally trained teachers on our faculty, our course offerings are designed to have immediate impact in the classroom and beyond.

Faculty Training

Deep Experience in Teacher Training

Faculty Training

Teacher training is an important part of any high functioning school.  With workshops created by teachers (at just about every level of education) for teachers, you are assured of an experience that will make a real difference in the classroom.


Administration, Boards and Support Staff

Administrator Training

In addition to our work with teachers and students, we have developed a number of courses that work well for improving the function of school administrations, school boards and the skillset of supporting professionals.


Content, Character and Confidence


With over 30 years of experience, FSU instructors have facilitated both large and small student workshops and events.   We have programming for all levels of students, from elementary to college, and for students of all skill levels.

How to Navigate This Site

What you're probably looking for are what we at FSU can do for you and your organization. You'll find that we have organized our site's menu to give you access to a full course list that you can also sort by category. Also, we have split out some thoughts that might be more specific to a particular industry -- so there are industry focused pages as well. If, however, you would like to discuss how our training offerings might fit for you, please contact us at or by phone at (888) 485-8124.

No We’re Not a Real University

Fish Sticks University is how we at Fish Sticks Comedy have organized our training programs. As this part of our work has continued to grow, we wanted to be more thoughtful on how we present our unique workshops and training offerings. If you would like to visit our entertainment based site, you can go to